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Melbourne’s most adored musicians are Brendan & Starbrina.

Locally based in Melbourne this duo are well known in some of Melbourne’s most famous and iconic music venues.

From classic to contemporary to even the original and obscure,  these musicians are so diverse they can entertain any type of crowd.

‘Brendan & Sabrina’ are presenting an experienced and versatile acoustic music duo. Playing a range of classic and contemporary hits, as well as the occasional creative composition, ‘Brendan & Sabrina’ are definitely a couple of fresh faces among an already illustrious music scene in Melbourne.


Brendan and Starbrina Musicians

As musicians, we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience to all that hear us and we believe it’s not just what we play, but how we play it.

Our songs are performed with beautiful complimentary harmonies and an upbeat acoustic or chilled out vibe that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed or ready to dance the night away.