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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have live music samples of you performing?

You can find sample videos on our website or social media videos/reels.

Do you have samples of your DJ work for weddings/functions?

Yes, these can be found on Instagram under the “Fun DJ Vids”. Includes people having a blast with the inflatable instruments and showing their moves on the dance floor.

How far do you travel for weddings/gigs?

Anything under 2 hours is free and included in our packages. Anything above 2 hours requires an additional quote for any petrol and potential accomodation costs.

Do you learn song live requests for weddings?

Yes! We include 1-2 song requests that we will learn and rehearse for you in our wedding packages. These are for those extra special moments. This is also completely optional, as we may already know your special song on our song-list.

Are you able to just DJ/MC for weddings/functions because we don’t want live music?

Yep that is perfectly fine. Just email through the details for your event and we’ll give you a quote.

What style of DJ music do you play for weddings?

We love the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s classic rock, pop and old school rnb to get the d-floor pumping! With over 100’s of experience in weddings, we find the best formula is to have variety and make sure young and old have a blast! 😀

Do you allow for DJ requests?

Of course! We recommend sending us through your top 10 must plays and top 10 must not plays (if necessary). Cultural requests are very welcome too!

Do you both sing?

We both sing lead and harmonise with each other for different songs. Brendan plays guitar.

Do you both DJ & MC?

We both DJ. Brendan does the large bulk of the MC work, whilst StarBrina helps out in parts (including the shoe game) and ensures the timing is perfect on the DJ decks for introductions, cake cutting etc.

What is the shoe game?

Here is a quick description of the shoe game, which is always lots of fun and great for a laugh. The married couple take a seat on 2 chairs which are back to back. Both couple members remove their shoes and swap one. The couple should now be holding one of each persons shoe!


During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either “you” or “the other person.” The married couple answer by holding up their ‘own shoe’ or “the other person’s shoe” depending on who they think is more likely the answer.


For E.G. Who wears “the pants” in the relationship? If you think it’s yourself then you hold up your own shoe and if you think it’s the other person then you hold up the other person’s shoe. We have roughly 15-20 questions (PG rated of course) and the game usually takes around 5/10 minutes to complete. The shoe game be squeezed in before speeches to break the ice, before the first dance or even as a breather in the dance bracket!

What are the inflatable props?

We bring inflatable instruments to all weddings (pending availability of course). These are so much fun for later in the night for drunk singalongs or for the shy (or not so shy) dancers to tear up the dance floor. At the end of the day, your wedding is one big party, so these add so much to the night and come up great on photos/videos for long-lasting memories.

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